AEMRAllgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte (German: Universal Declaration of Human Rights; est. 1948)
AEMRAmbulatory Electronic Medical Record (Maine)
AEMRACE European Markets Reinsurance Limited (Bermuda)
AEMRAnesthesia Electronic Medical Record
AEMRAcquisition Executive Management Report
AEMRAirframe Engine Maintenance and Repair
AEMRAutauga Elmore Mental Retardation Board, Inc. (Millbrook, AL)
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Several jobs will be produced by the MoE*Eomedes Railroad, while the other jobs will come from the steel production industry, coal production, mining at the Tchamutete plus Jamba mines and the residual part will be offered by AEMR and the Sacomar dry dock in Namibe province.
Jim Hooban, Managing Director of AEMR, said, "We are delighted to have Tony Spice joining us in Dublin to head up the new reinsurance operation, his experience and market knowledge will be an asset in leading ACE's business development efforts.
Parental reinsurance support--The quota share reinsurance agreement between AEMR and ACE Bermuda came into effect 1 September 1997, and was revised 1 January 2001.