AEMSAsian Educational Media Service
AEMSAircraft Engine Management System
AEMSAdvanced Enclosed Mast/Sensor
AEMSAdvanced Element Management System
AEMSAgricultural Environmental Management Services (Oklahoma)
AEMSAutomated Energy Management System
AEMSAdvocates for Emergency Medical Services
AEMSArvinMeritor Environmental Management System
AEMSAdverse Event Management Suite (health care risk management)
AEMSAssociate of Engineering and Management Studies (degree)
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As communicated on 5 February 2009, based on the new scope excluding Italy and AEMS Exchange which were disposed of during the year, full-year 2008 Group revenue reached EUR 5 479 million which represented an organic growth of +5.
The AEMS is a 93-foot high, hexagonal structure, 35 feet in diameter, enclosing radar, major antennas and other sensitive equipment to protect them from the weather, The Navy was trying to demonstrate that the mast can help lessen maintenance and repairs on the ship, as well as reduce the radar signature.
In 2008 AEM e-mailed the Parts Practices survey questionnaire to the Parts /Customer Support Representatives of its member companies.
The state-of-the-art control panel with AEMS provides a touch-screen user interface with indicator panel where digital dewpoint, pressure, heater and electrical displays, together with the cycle stepping time shown on screen.
Two new software capabilities are: Automated Entity Merge Service (AEMS): AEMS merges similar real-world intelligence data, providing a significant time savings for analysts who are faced with thousands of entities that would otherwise need to be manually reviewed.
The range's low energy consumption is achieved through AEMS - automatic energy management system, which optimises energy usage, reducing waste by matching compressed air inlet conditions to a required dewpoint.
Insourcing our European technology operations as a result of the AEMS acquisition further allows us to better control costs and generate new revenue opportunities.
Frost & Sullivan cites the creation of AEMS as an element that has added strength to AT&T's mobile enterprise applications portfolio during the last year.
NYSE Euronext remains on track to achieve technology and non-technology savings' targets related to the NYSE-Euronext merger, and we expect to realize future synergy opportunities from the pending AEMS and American Stock Exchange transactions," said Michael S.
Since its inception, AEMS has launched more than a dozen new mobility products and services.
TSE) is proud to announce the introduction of Tdex+, a new trading system based on LIFFE CONNECT([R]) and AEMS technology and services, for its options trading market.
The momentum of AT&T's enterprise mobility efforts has surged forward since we formed the AEMS group last year," said Chris Hill, vice president of Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions.