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Asimismo, el AENC considera conveniente tomar como criterios para la revision anual de los salarios de los convenios plurianuales firmados con anterioridad a ese acuerdo las citadas bandas salariales.
Unicamente en 2010 los interlocutores sociales (es decir, los negociadores de los convenios colectivos), siguiendo la recomendacion del AENC para 2010, relativa a la conveniencia de utilizar el limite del 1% como criterio para la revision salarial de los convenios firmados en anos anteriores, han utilizado en muchos convenios plurianuales ese porcentaje en las revisiones basadas en la prevision de inflacion, en vez del objetivo del Banco Central Europeo del 2%.
This sales transaction can be considered a related party transaction since a majority of the directors of AENC are also directors of USR.
AENC and USR have together entered into a joint venture with ODE whereby all three companies will develop the Iowa Field, located in Jefferson County, LA.
AENC and USR also announce that they have commenced drilling operations for the new field developmental well in Iowa Field.
Drilling experts have been consulted and procedures designed to allow USR and AENC to drill and complete the new well in the high pressure zone where geological evidence, including seismic, indicates that the company could encounter up to 200 feet of productive formation with a potential for up to 15 billion cubic feet of gas reserves.
Under terms of the agreement with the operator, shared 50-50% by USR and AENC, the two companies will pay 100% of drilling cost (estimated at $1,200,000) to earn 45% working interest in the new drilled well, together with 45% interest in the existing producing well and all of the leased acreage, pipeline, production, and other facilities.