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The Administrative Vicarious Execution Act (haengjbng tae jip 'aeng pop, AVEA hereafter), which was enacted in 1954 and has been in effect without revision up to now, stipulates:
In cases where developers file civil lawsuits to exercise eminent domain, the execution should refer to the Civil Execution Act (minsa jip 'aeng pop), which stipulates that an execution officer "may, if deemed necessary for enforcing the execution, take adequate measures" and "may request assistance from the police or military forces if met with any resistance" (Article 5).
AENG Transactions on EngineeringTechnologies, American Institute of Physics.
See also his book-length study, Aeng arayatham Isan: chae lakthan borannakhadi phlik chomna prawatsat Thai (A Northeastern site of civilization: new archeological evidence to change the face of Thai history), first published as a special issue of SW in 1990.
Unfortunately, the only documentary evidence of this case is the princes' extensive deliberations; On and S aeng's own narratives are lost to us.
39 See Srisak Vallibhotama, Aeng arayatham isan [A Northeastern Site of Civilization: New Archaeological evidence to Change the Face of Thai History] (Bangkok: Matichon Publications, 1990).