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AEONAfrica Earth Observatory Network (University of Cape Town; South Africa)
AEONAntarctic Environmental Officers Network (Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs)
AEONAutomatic Evaluation of Ontologies (information science)
AEONAustralian Earth and Ocean Network (database)
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Aeon, one of the fastest growing labs in the country, has a 28,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Gainesville, Georgia.
AEON has had a very good year so far in 2015, winning a number of major prestigious projects and we are currently developing our distribution network in most of the GCC and the African market.
The rating is moderated by AEON Credit's significant reliance on wholesale funding, which exposes it to refinancing risk.
Aeon intends to close on funding in 2016 and open by 2017.
We welcome Aeon as a partner in the Comet program, said SDSC Deputy Director Richard Moore.
Ms Christine Chan, Managing Director of AEON Stores, said, "AEON Stores has been enthusiastically supporting environmental protection over the years.
By gaining control of Daiei, which has outlets in major cities in the Kanto and Kansai regions, Aeon is looking to broaden its customer base in line with its strategy of reinforcing operations in big cities, while it will also aim to improve Daiei's profitability by renovating its aging outlets and expanding the supply of Aeon's private-brand products.
The Aeon group's Jusco store in Qingdao, which was severely damaged by the protest, has partially resumed operations and aims to return to normal in late November, it said.
The Incubator Bank of Japan collapsed in 2010 and was renamed Aeon Community Bank after it was bought by the Aeon Company (8267.
High-level officials of biggest companies of Japan such as Mitsubishi, SBS Foods and Aeon attended those meetings.
An Aeon company spokesperson refused to be drawn on the issue, saying only, "that the end of the five-year period provides an opportunity to end the agreement and concentrate on the development of Aeon's business.
In turn, Aeon will also be able to track when and what kind of products customers are buying at its supermarkets by analyzing marketing data collected from existing users of its credit cards and its electronic money called ''WAON'' or from the new mobile website members.