AEOOAeromedical Evacuation Operations Officer
AEOOAlternative Energy of Oklahoma
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AEIO, AEOO, cuatro vocales en cada termino, tres de las cuales son comunes a ambos, cambiando solo en cada caso la tonica: I/O.
Assuming that adherence to the principles of tribal justice is a defining trait of human communities, a dividing line between culture and nature, those subject to Grendel's attacks on Heorot neglect to consider the possibility that some of the principles in question (e.g., the need to get revenge for the murder of a family member) might also govern the conduct of "Grendel's mother, woman, monster-wife" 'Grendles modor, ides aglaecwif' (43; 48.1258b-59a), who "still greedy and gallows-grim, would go on a sorrowful venture, avenge her son's death" 'gyt gifre ond galgmod gegan wolde sorhfulne sio, sunu aeoo wrecan' (43; 48.1276b-78b).