AEOSAmerican Eagle Outfitters Inc. (stock symbol)
AEOSAdvanced Electro-Optical System (3.67 meter adaptive optical telescope on Maui)
AEOSAutomated Empirical Optimization of Software
AEOSAdvanced Electro Optical Sensor
AEOSaeromedical evacuation operations squadron (US DoD)
AEOSAnalytic Equation of State
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Set for deployment over the next five years, AEOS is a software-driven security management platform that boasts support for over 150 functionalities.
AEOS, a concert for a cause, will honor singer/actress/author Patti LaBelle and is made possible thanks to UNCF's collaboration with singers, actors and professional athletes.
Our market research rapidly showed a number of possible solutions, but AEOS was the solution that best answered our requirements.
Nedap chooses their business partners according to expertise with integration of AEOS with other building systems and services for installation, execution and maintenance of AEOS.
Robinson will receive the coveted Award of Excellence for his support of UNCF, which includes appearances on past AEOS tributes, participation in the Lou Rawls Parade of Stars(R) telethon and participation in other UNCF fundraising events.
The great advantage of the Nedap AEOS system is that we can use one access control system throughout the whole of Europe.
Lou Rawls, a spokesperson for UNCF and champion for AEOS for more than 25 years, is credited with helping raise more than $200 million for the UNCF to help UNCF scholarship recipients and member institutions and students pay the cost of higher education.
AEOS 2006 honored Wonder with an all-star tribute for his contributions to the music industry and role as a global humanitarian and philanthropist.
Click the following link to see a weekly chart of AEOS since September 2005 with 10-week and 20-week moving averages: http://www.
There was no doubt in our minds when we invited her to appear on AEOS that we had a superstar in our midst," he continued.
We expect our largest AEOS audience ever this year," he continues.