AEPAArizona Educator Proficiency Assessment (Arizona State Board of Education)
AEPAAdvances in Engineering Plasticity and Its Applications (Asia-Pacific Symposium)
AEPAAnimal Enterprise Protection Act of 1992
AEPAAustralian Environmental Protection Authority
AEPAAssociation of Energy Performance Assessors (UK)
AEPAAmerican Environmental Protection Agency (not official; also seen as US EPA; aka United States Environmental Protection Agency)
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The Fraser decision had the effect of overturning an Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) ruling that had held that the AEPA was unconstitutional.
If Health Services had, despite protestations to the contrary, constitutionalized the Wagner model (as Hogg claimed), then the farm workers could challenge remaining deficiencies of the AEPA.
58) While the sparse legislative history reveals that AEPA was aimed solely at halting extreme acts of violence against certain institutions, AEPA's drafters unfortunately relied on the amorphous term "physical disruption" in criminalizing acts against animal enterprises.
TeachRite training starts with comprehensive study guides including full audio narration to prepare students for the Praxis I, APTTP, AEPA, CBEST, CSET, PLACE, FTCE, CLAST, GACE, ICTS, MTTC, and WEST-B basic skills tests.
Les faits a l'origine de l'arret Fraser 2006 (supra) ne concernent pas le droit de greve, les appelants ayant d'emblee exclu cette question de celles soulevees devant la Cour d'appel de l'Ontario : <<the appellants assert that the AEPA fails to protect the freedom of agricultural workers to organize and their right to engage in a process of meaningful collective bargaining.
10) Because of the lack of clarifying language, AEPA was potentially applicable to individuals or companies who use animals or animal products in only a limited capacity.
AEPA regulates the emission of pollutants and odor into the air.
SchoolReach Instant Parent Contact, one of the leading parent notification companies in the country, was one of three to be approved by the AEPA from a slate of eleven parent notification companies submitting proposals.
The AEPA was passed by the Ontario government in response