AEPAMAcademy of Educational Planning and Management
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AEPAM would be educating the masses about when should the send their children to school and what is the minimum level of education that needs to be attained by a child; moreover AEPAM would also be working on the development of ECED curriculum.
Other distinguished included Director General AEPAM Mr.
The project initiated in 2010 was completed with collaboration of World Food Program and the erstwhile Ministry of Education and Training through NEMIS and the academy of educational planning and management AEPAM, Islamabad.
The Government and UN agencies also participated including Federal Ministry of Education, Ministry of women Development, AEPAM Islamabad and Punjab Education Departments.
AEPAM has also completed three research studies on various issues related to education.
AEPAM has been implementing two PSDP projects namely ELIM and FMGG which were launched in 2007.