AEPBAbuja Environmental Protection Board (environmental agency; Nigeria)
AEPBAuckland Electric Power Board (Auckland, New Zealand)
AEPBAerosol Powder Breath (inhaler)
AEPBAmerican Elk Products Board (Bloomington, MN)
AEPBAcronym Environmental Protection Bureau (humor)
AEPBAtmospheric Electron Particle Beam
AEPBAuditory Evoked Potentials-Brainstem
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He explained that the incident occurred as a result of a misunderstanding, saying FRSC was summoned by the Board to appear today (Wednesday) but postponed because of the AEPB Court Registrar's absence.
The earlier online report had indicated that during the fight, a soldier was reportedly wounded and a civilian staff of the AEPB was 'taken hostage' by the Road Safety marshals.
It was further indicated that soldiers and policemen who were part of the AEPB team seized a Road Safety officer.
These forward-looking statements are based on AEPB s current expectations and assumptions about future events and are based on currently available information as to the outcome and timing of future events.
60) No AEPB, Livros de batismos da paroquia de Livramento, ha registros de escravos de Amaro G.
By adding these assets to its current leasehold position of 63,000 net acres, AEPB says it will have established one of the sector's top leasehold positions in the Wolfcamp Shale play in Reagan County.