AEPBAbuja Environmental Protection Board (environmental agency; Nigeria)
AEPBAuckland Electric Power Board (Auckland, New Zealand)
AEPBAerosol Powder Breath (inhaler)
AEPBAmerican Elk Products Board (Bloomington, MN)
AEPBAcronym Environmental Protection Bureau (humor)
AEPBAtmospheric Electron Particle Beam
AEPBAuditory Evoked Potentials-Brainstem
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This implies that an issue worth further investigating is whether AEPB is effectively monitoring the performance of the companies involved in the partnership and whether there is a sanction that could be applied to any contractor that is not delivering required services.
While in the present study there is no evidence of voice through demonstration and campaigning, households have individually and collectively complained to AEPB and have also invested their own resources to improve the delivery of the existing sewerage and garbage collection services (Figure 3).
The net proceeds from the offering of the Notes will be used by AEPB to repay in full all loans outstanding under its revolving credit facility.
These forward-looking statements are based on AEPB s current expectations and assumptions about future events and are based on currently available information as to the outcome and timing of future events.
(5) AEPB, Livro de Batismos da paroquia de Nossa Senhora da Assuncao, Alhandra, 1770-1775.
(60) No AEPB, Livros de batismos da paroquia de Livramento, ha registros de escravos de Amaro G.
For the AECT, the income beneficiaries are the Auckland residents consuming electricity distributed by Mercury (now Vector) and the capital beneficiaries are the three local authorities (4) covering the geographical area earlier serviced by the AEPB. The income beneficiaries each year receive the dividends paid by Mercury to the AECT.
Thus, in a stationary state, consumers of electricity in the AEPB's district could expect to obtain a benefit each year equal to the capital charge component of the total true cost of their purchases of electricity.
According to Lawan, this is unacceptable 'Our laws are clear, AEPB is provided with a law to enforce noise pollution anywhere within the city and its territory.
On a net effective acre basis, AEPB is buying nearly 110,000 net acres and after giving effect to the value of the purchased production, AEPB is buying its new leasehold for nearly $6,000 per net effective acre.
The AEPB Head of Information and Outreach Unit, Mallam Muktar Ibrahim, said that the board collaborated with the project to preserve the environment.
Nigerian Tribune gathered that trouble started when officials of the AEPB attempted to seal off the Abuja Command of the FRSC, located at Wuze Zone 7.