AEPCOArizona Electric Power Cooperative
AEPCOAdvanced Engineering and Planning Corporation (Gaithersburg, MD)
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ENVIRONMENTAL COST PRESSURE: Power costs may increase significantly depending on the outcome of a still unresolved dispute between AEPCO and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over haze related emissions from its two coal units.
INCREASED COST OF POWER: An unfavorable resolution to the ongoing dispute between the EPA and AEPCO that significantly raises SSVEC's cost of power could put downward pressure on the rating unless offset, as expected, by SSVEC's wholesale power and fuel cost adjustor.
AEPCO appealed the EPA's decision in early February 2013.
An unfavorable ruling for AEPCO and the subsequent installation of SCR and related emissions reduction equipment would likely lead to a significant increase in AEPCO's wholesale power rate that would pressure SSVEC's financial performance without a commensurate increase in retail rates.
Deal Between City and AEPCO Seen as Benefit to Visitors and as Economic Development Tool
AEPCO also will provide the City with two outdoor cameras to provide images of Town Square to the public via the Web.
Under the set of agreements approved by the Mayor and Council, AEPCO will be the provider of the Wi-Fi service; the City will not own, maintain, or operate the Wi-Fi network.
In return for awarding the contract to AEPCO, the City will receive free Wi-Fi accounts for its mobile workforce and other employees.
We are excited about our partnership with AEPCO and with the City of Rockville on this Wi-Fi deployment, and look forward to providing the Rockville community with a variety of services moving forward," said Judi Evans, President of Ricochet Networks.
AEPCO has indicated that citywide expansion could occur within 24 months after service begins in Town Square.