AEPOCEuropéenne pour la Protection des Oeuvres et services Cryptés (European Association for the Protection of Encrypted Works and Services)
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In addition to providing the most robust technology on the market, NDS actively works with legislative bodies, law enforcement agencies and international anti-piracy organisations such as CASBAA and the European Association for the Protection of Encrypted Works and Services (AEPOC) to ensure that its customers' content and platforms remain unaffected by piracy activity.
"We see early agreements as a unique and important opportunity to inject the energy, enthusiasm and commitment needed among WTO members to stem protectionism and achieve a successful round of negotiations", he said.Protection of services.The European association for the protection of encrypted works (AEPOC) has said it fears the revision of the Agreement on Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) will not settle the question of the illicit devices of decoding.