AEPPAssociation on Employment Practices and Principles (est. 1992)
AEPPAgricultural Easement Purchase Program (Ohio)
AEPPAssociation of Education Practitioners and Providers
AEPPApplied Economic Perspectives and Policy (journal)
AEPPAlberta Emergency Preparedness Partnership (Alberta, Canada)
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With the development of artificial intelligence techniques, recent studies for AEPP prediction are mainly focused on artificial neural network (ANN) [8, 9] and support vector machine (SVM) [10,11].
Therefore, LSSVM is a good choice for AEPP prediction model designing.
By using combining submodels, the multilayer networks of LS-SVMs ensemble have been discussed deeply, which is very encouraging and promising for further research [13], but up to now, the application of LSSVM ensemble model for AEPP prediction is relatively fresh and untouched in the open literature.
As previously mentioned, in this paper, a new PSR-PSO-(SK)LSSVM-(MK)LSSVM ensemble (PPLLE) model for AEPP prediction is proposed.
For illustration purpose, the detailed application on AEPP prediction and model comparisons is proposed in Section 4.
In this study, we select EGT as the AEPP representative to predict by using the proposed PPLLE model, and it is worth mentioning that other similar parameters can also be predicted in the same way.
* Member, Journal of the Council of Employees Responsibilities and Right (CERR), AEPP, New York.