AEPSArctic Environmental Protection Strategy (8 nations including Canada & USA)
AEPSArmy Electronic Product Support (web-based logistics information and applications)
AEPSAviation Employee Placement Service
AEPSAverage Expenditure Per Sortie (US DoD)
AEPSAircrew Escape Propulsion System
AEPSAuger Electron-Appearance Potential Spectroscopy
AEPSAutomated Environmental Prediction System
AEPSAirlift Execution Planning System
AEPSAirfield Exploitation Production System
AEPSAdvanced Engine Performance Specialist
AEPSAutomotive Electrical Power System
AEPSAlban Engine Power Systems (Caterpillar, Inc. dealer)
AEPSAssessment, Evaluation, Programing System (children)
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AePS allows basic interoperable banking transactions at micro ATMs by using Aadhaar authentication.
With President Duterte's entrance into the picture in 2016, the AEPs issued to Chinese more than doubled-from 9,114 in 2015 to 18,920 in 2016.
THE country is now poised to register its biggest number of applications for Alien Employment Permit (AEP) this year with the implementation of new government permit regulations for foreigners.
figure By GEOFFREY IRUNGU South Africa-owned AEP Energy Africa (AEP) has acquired Moi-era independent power producer Iberafrica for Sh6.22 billion ($61.57 million).The company has been supplying Kenya Power #ticker:KPLC with electricity for transmission to the national grid since 1990s.
Mobile wallets like PhonePe or wallets developed by various banks have also incorporated the AEPS.
"When officers call for deployment and use of AEPs, then that request must be granted without delay.
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Regarding the comparison of domestic stock earnings per share (DEPS) and ADR-reconciled earnings per share (AEPS), the results of Chan and Seow (1996) and Luchs (2004), both of whom use regression models to test UK data, are conflicting.
AEPS gives alerts and messages you need to operate equipment safely and trouble-free.
This investigation attempts to assess of Potential of MIS workshops on Management Information System (MIS) Success of Agricultural extension Providers (AEPs) as a result of establishing an information system as perceived by AEPs' managers and to provide information that could be useful in improving the performance and success it.