AEPTAdvanced Embedded Passive Technology
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AEPT and its group of companies focus on providing solutions in markets where energy production and water meet technology.
The NIST AEPT program looked at compatibility of embedded resistor and capacitor materials with non-standard (at that time) PCB fabrication processes, such as laser drilling.
Approximately 25% gained knowledge from participation in the NCMS EDC and NIST AEPT consortia.
(2) eb = g(AEPT, MAX), [g.sub.AEPT] > 0, [g.sub.MAX] > 0.
(2') eb = g(AEPT, MAX, DIS), [g.sub.AEPT] > 0, [g.sub.MAX] > 0, [g.sub.DIS] > 0,
AEPT. The Advanced Embedded Passives Technology project is being conducted by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences; http:// and
Additionally, the New York based equity fund GPL Ventures LLC (GPL) proposes to purchase up to USD5m of common stock from AEPT.
This transaction represents a USD2m increase from GPL's initial interest in AEPT in June 2017.
ATC, AEP Transmission Company, LLC (AEPT; BBB+/Stable Outlook) and FirstEnergy Transmission, LLC (FET; BBB-/Stable Outlook) have comparable competitive positions with similarly sized and diversified portfolios of transmission assets.
Denny Fritz of MacDermid provided a brief on the Advanced Embedded Passives Technology AEPT program test vehicles.
During an AEPT (Advanced Embedded Passives Technology) consortium meeting in 2001, the discussion was heating up between material suppliers, fabricators and equipment vendors over who was going to capture the big share of this emerging market.
3M has been involved in an embedded capacitor DARPA program, the NCMS Embedded Distributive Capacitance (EDC) consortium and most recently, the NIST Advanced Embedded Passives Technology (AEPT) consortium.