AEPTAdvanced Embedded Passive Technology
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Approximately 25% gained knowledge from participation in the NCMS EDC and NIST AEPT consortia.
The very limited software tools available to designers for embedded passives were identified as a large gap early in the NIST AEPT program.
Consequently, in the estimation provided in this study, variables MAXFPTR, AEPT.
By contrast, the coefficient for the AEPT variable is both negative and statistically insignificant, implying that the AEPT did not influence the DTE.
AEPT is the technological research and service center for ARCO's exploration and production activities.
Many of the AEPT members were there, teaching and preaching the merits of EP technology.
The high-frequency electrical performance advantages of loaded, ultra-thin dielectric laminate material has been confirmed by test results in the NIST AEPT consortium as well as in outside tests.
Influenced by the initial efforts of members of AEPT, the Advanced Embedded Passives Technology research consortium, the standards program is off to a very good start.