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AEQAcademic Exchange Quarterly
AEQAnthropology and Education Quarterly
AEQAdult Education Quarterly (American Association for Adult and Continuing Education)
AEQAlcohol Expectancy Questionnaire
AEQAequalis (Latin: Equal)
AEQAplicaciones Electronicas Quasar (Spanish: Quasar Electronic Applications)
AEQAuto Enter Queue
AEQAmerican Experiment Quarterly
AeqAcide Équivalent (French: Acid Equivalent)
AEQAgent Entretien Qualifié (French: Qualified Maintenance Officer)
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Turning to the remaining variables, our results suggest that, controlling for program reputation, years since PhD receipt, and domestic/international status, males are statistically likely to publish more total and top 36 articles but not AEQ pages than otherwise similar females, while, all else constant, international students are less likely to publish across all three metrics than otherwise similar domestic students.
Regression results confirm the significance of working with a ranked dissertation advisor, as we find that students working with ranked advisors average significantly more publications, especially in terms of top 36 articles and AEQ pages, than students working with unranked advisors, ceteris paribus.
Our results suggest that by hiring a Tier 2 student with a star advisor instead of a Tier 1 student with an unranked advisor, the department could increase its productivity by nearly 5 AEQ pages, thereby significantly increasing its professional reputation.
While these other questionnaires focus predominantly on internal (personality) changes, the AEQ identifies both internal features and behavioural changes that the individual associates with alcohol consumption (Brown et al.
The third and final explanation for the failure to reproduce the seven-component structure has to do with the structure of the original AEQ itself.
When AEQ first began, the readership numbered no more than a few hundred.
Whereas in traditional print journals news of acceptance or rejection of an article could have taken six months or longer, AEQ accomplishes this process within six to nine weeks.
AEQ Medical Information Manager is a Windows(TM)-based practice management system designed for use within integrated delivery systems, including large group practices, hospitals, PHOs, MSOs and surgi-centers.
AEQ Medical Information Manager combines clinical information, practice management applications and networkability features into a single, integrated system.
Additionally, AEQ offers a "mentor" program by which authors whose submissions need revision may seek advice from experienced editors.
Of those who do complete the survey and submit it to us, one will be chosen from a drawing to receive a free annual subscription to AEQ.
We have in this winter issue of AEQ an impressive array of articles dealing mainly with distance education and many focusing on online instruction.