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AERBAtomic Energy Regulatory Board
AERBArchitects Education and Registration Board (New Zealand)
AERBAnalytic Epidemiology Research Branch (National Cancer Institute)
AERBACE Exercise Review Board
AERBArmy Education Requirements Board
AERBAssociation des Etudiants Réunionnais à Bordeaux (French: Students Association Reunion in Bordeaux; Bordeaux, France)
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AERB secretary Ompal Singh said there indeed was a ground for adding sections of the AEA in the Mayapuri radiation case.
AERB s approach with respect to identifying and prioritising for preparation of specific regulatory documents is a dynamic and ongoing process and takes into account a number of factors such as urgency of the need for guidance, coverage of the intent of a particular document by one or more other documents, new developments etc.
The AERB has asked for a tentative date so that an AERB officer may be deputed for technical support," it adds.
But since the nature of the blunder was grave, the AERB asked the university to suspend all such activities irrespective of whether it was for teaching or research," a teacher said.
Rejecting DU's plea to allow it to use radioactive source in its laboratories, AERB chairman S.
AERB -- the country's nuclear watchdog -- had withdrawn permission to DU to use any radioactive source in its laboratories about two months ago as it had failed to submit its final reply on the radiation exposure incident at Mayapuri scrapyard in Delhi within the stipulated period.
But we have to fill a few forms as formality and send it to the AERB.
A detailed review of the entire situation will be taken up by AERB as full information becomes available," the statement said.
Though we have sent reports, the AERB would make an onthe- spot assessment as well," Sundar said.
It said it will hear on September 20 the petition questioning the clearance granted to the plant by the AERB even before compliance of 11 of the 17 recommendations by its own panel on safety.
Tenders are invited for Award Of AERB Canteen Contract For A Period Of One Year W.
The report says, "The legal status of the AERB continued to be that of an authority subordinate to the Central Government, with powers delegated to it by the latter.