AERCOArea Emissions Reduction Credit Organization (Texas)
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Chief Executive Officer, commented, "Acquiring AERCO will allow us to expand our product breadth to the strategically important adjacency of heat and hot water offerings.
AERCO shares Watts' commitment to growth for all of its customers and partners, and this acquisition joins two great companies that share a similar set of values and a strategic vision," said AERCO Chief Executive Officer Ervin Cash.
has indicated that AERCO is a platform acquisition and will continue their current operation out of Blauvelt, NY.
Glovia International, a subsidiary of Fujitsu and a leading provider of extended ERP solutions for engineer-to-order and high volume manufacturers, announced today that AERCO International, Inc.
Glovia has enabled AERCO to increase visibility into its operations, improving cost control and decision-making dramatically while enabling the company to understand its true costs and operational performance.
In addition, AERCO has enhanced order placement and processing by leveraging glovia.
Today more than 55 percent of AERCO parts orders are placed online, with an ultimate goal of 98 percent, as more AERCO reps become active users of the system.
AERCO is currently in the process of implementing the glovia.