AERIAlberta Energy Research Institute (Canada)
AERIAtmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (University of Wisconsin, Madison; Space Science and Engineering Center)
AERIAgricultural Economics Research Institute
AERIApplied Electromagnetic Research Institute (Japan)
AERIApplied Economics Research Institute (University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH)
AERIAdvanced Environmental Research Incorporated
AERIAction Evaluation Research Institute (Yellow Springs, OH)
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Al-Sisi also highlighted in his speech the importance of bolstering cooperation between African countries on all levels and coordinate efforts to effectively make progress with the AERI.
Accedunt tabulae aeri incisae, et Alexandri de Humboldt notationes adgeographiam plantarum spectantes.
Del Tufo indica i "discepoli degli arteggiani" come quelli che a tarda sera, da soli o accompagnati dai colleghi, eseguono villanelle e altre arie di fresca composizione: "in queste parti e in quelle / s'odon cantar nuov'ari ["arie" o piu propriamente "aeri"] e villanelle, / che non si tosto l'avran posti fuori / i lor compositori / che le ritiene a mente / ciascun di lor piu che perfettamente" (1588, Ragionamento II, 902-910).
AERI CEO Robb Hammond has penned an article, available at that includes numerous photographs depicting parts counterfeit using methods detectable by means of visual inspection.
Trade Aeri. balance Imports TE 2005 78.04 66.7 TE 2009 74.59 56.19 TE 2013 84.18 56.68 Source: Calculation based on the HS four digit level data from UNCOMTRADE database Table 1b Table of Percentage Share of APP to National Trade Year % share of APP % share of APP % share of APP exports to total imports to total trade balance to national exports national imports total national trade balance TE 2005 5.51 3.88 4.58 TE 2009 4.44 4.14 4.29 TE 2013 5.24 4.97 5.1 Source: Calculation based on the HS four digit level data from UNCOMTRADE database.
She led the design of the assessment system for the Florida Alternative Certification Program and has taught for the Assessment and Evaluation Research Initiative (AERI) at Teachers College.
[14] AERI, Available at:, Accessed: 2015-09-29.
Deputy Project Director Six-Dispersal project Engineer Nasrullah Khan Tareen here Tuesday told that the project would be completed at a cost of Rs 2 billion making irrigation water available for cultivation in Thuk, Haji Sher, Mithri and Aeri areas in the district.
2.13.2: necesse est enim ut et imus aether habeat aliquid aeri simil et summus aer non sit dissimilis imo aetheri, quia non fit statim in diversum ex diverso transitus.