AERJAmerican Educational Research Journal
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Another possibility is that intervention researchers submit their research to journals other than the ones included in the present analysis such as Journal of Educational Psychology, Reading Research Quarterly, Science Education, or AERJ.
Statistical techniques employed in AERJ and ICP articles from 1988 to 1997: A methodological review.
Our findings are consistent with research conducted by Kieffer, Reese, and Thompson (2001), which summarized effect sizes reported in 757 research articles published by the AERJ and the Journal of Counseling Psychology.
Statistical techniques in AERJ articles, 1979-1983: The preparation of graduate students to read the educational literature.
22) The AERJ research was disappointing, silly, misleading, and useless, and it was predicated on the validity of the above myths.
In recent years the pages of AERJ have been increasingly filled with narratives describing long-term investigations, many of them dealing with important topics.
I lack the patience (and the graduate assistants) to cull recent volumes of the AERJ for the duration of treatments, but anyone who has browsed through the journal over the decade knows the profound changes that it and other journals have undergone.