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AERMODAmerican Meteorological Society/Environmental Protection Agency Regulatory Model
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In the air quality arena, of late there have been industry-led field studies to improve the accuracy of the EPA's AERMOD modeling tool that is used to verify compressors' compliance with ambient nitrogen dioxide (N[O.sub.2]) standards.
Results of N[O.sub.x] pollution dispersion evaluation using the AERMOD model
Local-scale pollutant contributions for [PM.sub.2.5], EC, S[O.sub.4], CO, and N[O.sub.x] at each ZIP code centroid were modeled using the AERMOD dispersion model, version 09292 (Cimorelli et al.
Dispersion modeling of mercury emissions using the AERMOD model and the Industrial Source Complex Short Term (ISCST3) model was conducted for two representative coal-fired power plants at Coshocton and Manchester, Ohio.
The model in use, known as the USEPA AERMOD dispersion model, has what PRCI has termed "an inherent N02 over-prediction problem"--a flaw the council said cannot be resolved without further research, field studies and model-performance evaluation.
AERMOD model, which is a model that applies to industrial sources and of the last generation, that already contains principles of planetary boundary layer, and Pol 15sm is a much simpler, easy to use software that requires no complex and expensive sites.
For dispersion calculations, the EDB was combined with AERMOD, a modified Gaussian flat two-dimensional dispersion model (U.S.
Wagler, "Evaluation of the ADMS, AERMOD, and ISC3 dispersion models with the OPTEX, Duke Forest, Kincaid, Indianapolis and Lovett field datasets," International Journal of Environment and Pollution, vol.