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AERMODAmerican Meteorological Society/Environmental Protection Agency Regulatory Model
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In the air quality arena, of late there have been industry-led field studies to improve the accuracy of the EPA's AERMOD modeling tool that is used to verify compressors' compliance with ambient nitrogen dioxide (N[O.
A joint project ongoing with INGAA, the INGAA Foundation, the American Petroleum Institute [and PRCI] is gathering actual ground-level concentrations that can be used to enhance the AERMOD tool," PRCI's Choquette said.
x] at each ZIP code centroid were modeled using the AERMOD dispersion model, version 09292 (Cimorelli et al.
There are two input data processors that are regulatory components of the AERMOD modelling system: AERMET, a meteorological data preprocessor that incorporates air dispersion based on planetary boundary layer turbulence structure and scaling concepts, and AERMAP, a terrain data preprocessor that incorporates complex terrain using USGS Digital Elevation Data.
The AERMOD model and the Industrial Source Complex Short Term (ISCST3) model were used for dispersion modeling of mercury emissions from the top two mercury-emitting coal-fired power plants in Ohio in 2005.
Annual atmospheric mercury concentrations, annual dry mercury deposition rates, and annual wet mercury deposition rates were predicted on a 500 m Cartesian grid of ground level positions in a 5 x 5 km area surrounding each coal-fired power plant using AERMOD and ISCST3.
According to Johnson, during the development, evaluation and approval of AERMOD as the preferred dispersion model, evaluation studies were primarily conducted for electric-generating units.
The new AERMOD model can significantly affect the air quality compliance status of thousands of industrial facilities across the US -- in many cases, allowing increased operational flexibility, says ENSR, a leading environmental consulting firm.
AERMOD is replacing the Industrial Source Complex (ISC) model, which has been used for the past 25 years.
Both ISC-ST3 and AERMOD may be used for regulatory purposes during a one year transitional period ending in November 2006, at which time AERMOD will become the U.
The AERMOD model may have particular applicability to modeling emissions from animal agriculture by including the air boundary layer above surface releases, such as from manure storage basins (Jacobson et al.
A Cartesian grid was used for ISCST3 that was similar to that used in AERMOD.