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AERPAero Performance Products Inc (stock symbol)
AERPAtrial Effective Refractory Period
AERPAmboseli Elephant Research Project
AERPAutomated Export Reporting Program
AERPAircrew Eye & Respiratory Protection
AERPAlternative Emission Reduction Plan
AERPAdvanced Equipment Repair Program
AERPAdoption Expense Reimbursement Program
AERPActive Emission Receiver Processor
AERPAdvanced Equipment Replacement Program
AERPArmy Excess Retention Program
AERPAdvanced Enterprise Resource Planning (software)
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SNS significantly increased the incidence of AF in DM rats, although AERP was significantly decreased by SNS in both rats, increased heterogeneity of AERP by SNS was seen only in DM rats.
AERP chairman Jean Baker said: 'It is clear that future funding at the highest level is crucial if we are to continue building upon what has already been achieved.
Economic Development portfolio holder and AERP member Coun Gareth Winston Roberts said SMEs were central to the economy of Anglesey.
Address : AERP (societe damenagement et dequipement de la region parisienne)
Economic development portfolio holder and AERP member,Coun Gareth Winston Roberts, said: ``The Trac project will prove to be a great asset to Anglesey's long term economy,as it will be the only track of its kind certainly in North Wales.
Armed with the ability to track elephant movements within and outside the park from space, AERP researchers can learn more about the elephants' social interactions and better understand shifts in their use of the Amboseli ecosystem, said Herb Satterlee, CEO of DigitalGlobe.
AES now provides real-time reporting of exported goods whereas the AERP system accumulated data throughout the month and reported at month's end once the cargo had already left U.