AERPSAircrew Eye and Respiratory Protection System
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The rabbit atrial APD90 and AERP trend to shorten with training-related is developed increasingly (Groups H vs.
Stretch-activated channels of atrial myocytes are activated, and thus ADP90 and AERP are shortened.
In this study, Ach was added into the perfusate, then ADP and AERP were recorded, and AF was induced.
Previous studies showed prolongations of IACT implying slowed atrial conduction in different animal's models (27, 28) and patients (29, 30) with AF The slowing of IACT is considered to be one of the most important players for the initiation of reentry in addition to the reduction in AERP and AERP rate adaptation, also the induction of AF.
Furthermore, we did not assess the possible paradoxical response of AERP to increased heart rate, which is another characteristic of electrical remodeling.
The AERP and dispersion of the AERP (dAERP) were determined as previously described.[sup][11] An S[sub]1 S[sub]1 (120, 100, and 75 ms cycle length, respectively, lasting for 5 s each) programmed stimulus method was used to assess the inducibility and duration of AF.
The AERP measurements in the three groups are shown in [Figure 1].