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AERSAdverse Event Reporting System (database of drug adverse reactions)
AERSAudit and Enterprise Risk Services (Deloitte & Touche LLP)
AERSAssociation of Educators in Radiological Sciences
AERSArmy Educational Requirements System
AERSAcute Equine Respiratory Syndrome
AERSAccess/Egress Roadway System
AERSAirdrop Equipment Repair and Supply
AERSAdvanced Engineering and Research Associates
AERSArehunja Ehepretnky Penybjinke Cpbnje (Serbian: Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia)
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Under the terms of the agreement, AERS will provide WorthPoint with eBay's entire daily sales of antique and collectible data for inclusion in WorthPoint's database.
This platform allows clients to model workflows, train staff, and refine procedures using AERS, WHO and VAERS data without the need to process all the internal information on the proprietary databases.
Millions of eBay transactions are analyzed and processed by AERS systems each day," says AERS CTO Andrew Sukow.
In its petition, Public Citizen cites adverse event reports culled from the AERS database over a 10-year period from 1997 through 2006.
Today, AERS is eBay's only market data reseller and has established itself as the pre-eminent provider of the most up-to-date, thorough, and relevant online marketplace statistical reporting available.
AERS is the FDA system containing spontaneously reported adverse event data on marketed drugs.
People taking one of the drugs listed who experience an adverse event should be encouraged to inform their health care providers, who in turn should be encouraged to report the event to the AERS, which "will help us in evaluating that potential association," Dr.
Solutions such as these enable rigorous statistical analysis and data mining of pre-marketing clinical studies and post-marketing safety databases such as AERS.
Additional analysis of the AERS data has revealed that when both fatal and nonfatal rhabdo cases are considered, Baycol patients were 16 times as likely to develop the disease as patients taking other statin drugs.
From 1969 to 2012, 91 cases of SJS/TEN and 16 cases of AGEP were reported to AERS in people who took acetaminophen, and included 67 hospitalizations and 12 deaths.
We approached AERS in late 2008 to see if we could work together to leverage their expertise in data analytics in the new-media space to provide the analytics engines we need.
Katz said that the agency is continuing to review the AERS database and that it also will review requested data from the makers of Myobloc (Solstice Neu-rosciences Inc.