AERUAgriculture and the Environment Research Unit (University of Hertfordshire; UK)
AERUAdvocacy and External Relations Unit (UN)
AERUAgribusiness and Economic Research Unit (Lincoln University; New Zealand)
AERUAtlantic Environmental Radioactivity Unit (Canada)
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The Canterbury Regional Economic Development Strategy (CREDS) was prepared by a research team appointed at the end of November 2008, comprised of the AERU research unit at Lincoln University and the region's five economic development agencies: Enterprise North Canterbury, Canterbury Development Corporation, the economic and community development officers in the Selwyn District Council, Enterprise Ashburton and the Aoraki Development Trust.
AERU, Faisalabad (1998) Wheat Situation in the Irrigated Punjab, 1998: Results From a Survey in the Major Cropping Zones.
Methods have been recently developed in AERU for determining the age of fish through measurements of the isotope pair, 210Pb/226Ra, in the fish otolith or ear bone and for the ageing of crabs and other crustaceans through measurements of 228Th/228Ra in their carapaces.
AERU report prepared for the Ministry of Economic Development, Wellington.
com)-- Aerus LLC, formerly Electrolux USA, the leader in the development and management of technologies that create and sustain a healthy home environment, reported that a team from Dallas headed up by Arthur Johnson is traveling to some of the hardest hit areas of Japan with special technology to aid in recovery efforts.
Magor s cloud-based Aerus platform enables people to engage collaboratively in high-quality visual conversations by simultaneously sharing, viewing and editing relevant material on desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, whiteboards and other devices.
In the last 20 years, over 600,000 participants have attended Burnett's seminars from such companies as American Home Security, Amgen, Amway, Aerus Electrolux, Body Wise, Brinks, Broadmoor Homes, California Association of Mortgage Brokers, Century 21, Cigna, Equitable, Fluor Corporation, General Motors, Helping Build Wealth, Lincoln National Life, Matol Botanical, Merrill Lynch, Morinda, Neways, Nikken, Norwest Financial, RE MAX, Stanford Research Institute, Triad Systems, W.
Vollara, LLC, a subsidiary under the umbrella of Aerus Holdings LLC, is a leader in direct sales of eco-friendly technologies and natural health products.
He has seven years of experience operating and marketing Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) events, last serving as tournament director for the 2002 Aerus Electrolux USA Championship.
Aerus extends Magor's peer-to-peer software architecture to the cloud, delivering a unique approach in cloud-based service platforms.
II-38 Brook-Pro Chooses Aerus SDP from Magor for its Video-enabled Services.