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For DACs receiving a signal with an embedded clock (such as AES3 or S/PDIF), interface jitter on the incoming signal must be attenuated.
Twenty-four of those papers were presented at AES3 as part of the formal program, and one of the remaining papers was presented during an informal session at AES3.
In terms of connectivity, the console's interfaces include 32 mic/line inputs, 32 line outputs, eight digital AES3 inputs, eight digital AES3 outputs, eight GPIO ports, one MADI (SFP) port, three Ravenna/AES67 channels, and a headphone jack.
1AS jitter and wander specs are defined by existing requirements in the Audio Engineering Society (AES) AES3 digital audio standard for professional audio equipment and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Sony/Philips digital interface format (S/PDIF).
The audio router provides 8,192 inputs/outputs, available via RAVENNA, AES3, MADI and SDH/STM-1interfaces, all in a compact 10U package.
Technical standards, information documents and technical reports within the field of professional audio technology include such ubiquitous standards as the two-channel AES3, to multi-channel MADI (AES10), to the promise of AES67 and AES70 to facilitate interoperability in digital audio networking and control.
Gass also purchased an NV7512 Digital Audio Router for its flexibility to manage and distribute AES3, MADI, and analog audio signals.
The CS8422 integrates an input multiplexer that supports up to four S/PDIF or two differential AES3 audio inputs, receiver to transmitter pass-through and TDM mode for automotive applications.
Eight expansion slots permit addition of mic, line, AES3 and studio I/O, making ruby the perfect console for stations who want to migrate to AoIP without sacrificing legacy infrastructure.
The V__pro8's DOLBY E encoding/decoding option offers up to four DOLBY E en/decoders for fully-compatible en/decoding of professional quality multichannel audio on a single AES3 connection with Dolby E metadata handling.
In contrast, AES67 only specifies the baseline connectivity of audio streams, and more closely resembles an audio-over-IP version of MADI or AES3.