AESAActive Electronically Scanned Array
AESAAgence Européenne de la Sécurité Aérienne (French: European Aviation Safety Agency)
AESAAssociation of Educational Service Agencies
AESAActive Electronically Steered Array (aka Active Electronically Scanned Array; radar technology)
AESAATM End System Address
AESAAtmospheric Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft
AESAAviation & Electronic Schools of America (Colfax, CA)
AESAThe Ancient Egypt Studies Association
AESAArizona Emergency Services Association (Phoenix, AZ)
AESAAssociation of Environmental Scientists and Administrators
AESAAssign-and-Estimate Scheduling Algorithm
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This all-weather, multimode AESA radar provides superior situational awareness and interoperability to F-15 aircrew.
Therefore, the Tejas fighter was geared with the EL/M-2032 radar, purchased from Israeli firm, Elta but the fittings of Tejas with AESA radar will make it a more competent fighter.
Ivanov said that the European Commission is the only body which can decide whether NEKas purchases of electricity produced by AESA GalabovoA andA ContourGlobalA Maritza East 3A at the current prices constitutes illegal state aid.
However, once monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) technology made it possible to create small antenna elements-each with its own active transmit and receive active components-that were cheap enough to be used in large numbers, and small enough to be packaged into operational antenna arrays, the creation of AESA arrays became practical.
Designed in collaboration with Sb, the Raven ES-05 features a roll-repositionable AESA antenna to provide a full A100A[bar] field of regard.
In addition to the Raven ES AESA radar, the company will also provide the Skyward-G IRST (Infrared Search & Track) passive sensor and IFF (Identification Friend-or-Foe) system, both of which will be contracted for in the next few months.
Giraffe 1X and Sea Giraffe 1X: short-range radars fitted with an X-band AESA, offering a comprehensive set of 3D functions with impressive performance and flexibility.
Achieving this milestone on cost, on time and at performance is indicative of the SABR AESA maturity.
The long-range Giraffe S-band AESA radar is the 8A that has an anti-ballistic missile capability.
The purpose of ACT is to develop the key technologies for affordable, next-generation AESAs by designing a reusable digital common module that contains the critical integrated circuits required for next generation AESAs.
Lockheed selected Northrop Grumman s scalable agile beam radar for the AESA requirement.
Berenato, chairman and chief executive officer of Ducommun, stated, "We are very pleased at having been selected by Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems as a key supplier on the AESA radar program which offers us the opportunity to take on increased subsystem integration responsibilities.