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AESCAssociation of Executive Search Consultants
AESCAssociation of Energy Service Companies (Houston, TX)
AESCAmerican Engineering Standards Committee
AESCAutomatic Electronic Switching Center
AESCAerospace Environmental Support Center
AESCAeromedical Evacuation Support Cell
AESCAerojet Electrosystems Company
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The near-term financial impact of the new proposal may be marginally negative as AESC is not yet profitable and Envision Energy will no longer receive fixed-interest income.
This will enable AESC to continuously reduce the cost of lithium-ion batteries and provide a unique presence in all major automotive markets globally, differentiating itself from its key competitors.
Based on this policy, NEC had determined to transfer all shares of AESC owned by NEC and NEC Energy Devices to Nissan, thereby enabling Nissan to transfer all shares of AESC, as well as Nissan's electric battery operations and production facilities, to GSR Capital (GSR), a private investment fund, as described in the "Regarding the recording of gain from the transfer of shares in an affiliated company accounted for by the equity-method" press release dated August 8, 2017.
Reports on the deal's collapse have cited complications around the ownership of AESC and a lack of funding from the Chinese firm.
Significant direct effects of TFGA on other anger subscales have been found with this sample (Daunic et al., 2012), and it is possible that the intervention's effect is mediated through other subscales represented in the AESC (e.g., trait anger, anger-in, or anger-out).
The Saxon invader AEsc sailed from Northern Germany to the River Wansbeck and settled in the deep wooded valley near Sheepwash.
El modelo general que se utiliza es el que se presento en la ecuacion 5, pero aqui se incluyen, ademas de las remesas como proporcion del PIB, los anos de escolaridad promedio de la poblacion ocupada (Aesc).
The Animal Ethics Screening Committee (AESC) of the University of the Witwatersrand approved the study (AESC approval number 2011/07/03).
Cairo, Feb 13 (ONA) The 93rd session of the Arab Economic and Social Council (AESC) at the ministerial level started at headquarters of the Arab League today under the chair of Mauritania.
Youssof made the press remarks on the fringe of the Arab Economic and Social Council (AESC) preparatory meeting for the 24th Arab Summit.