AESHAeromedical Evacuation Squadron Headquarters
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Nobody wants to pay that for the Aesh of an exotic fruit.
(Archives de l'Eveche de Saint-Hyacinthe, AESH); the letter is also cited in Isidore Desnoyers, Histoire de Saint-Charles: 153-4 (AESH).
The final report for the Project presents a number of agroecosystem health models rather than one synthesis (AESH, 1997).
Contract notice: staff training pec - aesh reference number: acam-190314-training-pec-aesh
"We started a Facebook page whereby we cover the news from all the Change and Freedom Squares around the country," said Shihab Yahya Aesh, one of the group's members.
At the end of the day aesh is aesh regardless of where it comes from."