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"After speaking to Doctor Aesha at the Salmaniya Hospital oncology department, we decided the money could best be used to host fun activities to try and relieve the tedium for patients receiving cancer treatment and re-energise them for continuing their fight against the disease.
In addition, the IOF kidnapped Aesha Wafiq Jomhour, 19, from Beit Anan town, after stopping her on the Qalandia Terminal, north of Jerusalem.
Army investigators concluded that it was Lakkis, also known as Abu Aesha, who shot dead kidnapped serviceman Mohammad Hamiyeh, who was abducted by militants during fighting in the northeastern town of Arsal in 2014.
[10] Kartik Rathod, Nilay Parikh, Aesha Parikh an dVrushank Shah, "Wireless Automation using ZigBee protocols" Ninth International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks (WOCN), 2012.
The students Aesha Waheed, Ayesha Riaz and Noor ul ain Shahid secured first, second and third positions in the college respectively and were given cash prizes by the Principal in the ceremony.
The second prize allotted for "non-profit excellent organizations", was snatched by the Saudi Woman Innovation Center, located in Jazan and led by its owner Aesha Al-Shibaili, getting the support of 32% votes, for training Saudi young females, particularly the divorced and widows, on handicraft industry.
Aesha Al-Omari said she smokes shisha with a number of friends and finds it hard to give up the habit.
Aesha's image on TIME magazine's August 2010 cover situates her seated body, turned toward the viewer, her head partially covered by a veil but most of her long black hair remaining visible (Baker, 2010, pages 20-22).
Recently, I read about a nearly successful reconstructive surgery for Aesha Mohammadzai.
In her first ever television interview, Aesha Mohammadzai told ITV that she is "happy" with her new appearance.
A picture of Aesha Mohammadzai's face shocked the world when it was printed on the cover of Time magazine in 2010.