AESIPAboriginal Education Strategic Initiatives Program (Australia)
AESIPArmy Enterprise System Integration Program
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Under this task-order, team JTSi as a prime contractor will work with the US Army customer to migrate customer functionality into ECC DFPS, and continues to improve the capabilities of the AESIP CVS by increasing the number of customers which can be associated with DoDAAC records.
For enterprise-level BOM data, these organizations are AESIP and the Logistics Product Data Store (LPDS).
Army Medical Materiel Agency, AESIP has developed a portal for program managers, materiel managers, and materiel developers to create and modify BOM data structures and components.
Based on this arrangement, AESIP and LPDS are the ADSs for enterprise-level BOM data in the Army and transmit BOM structures to GCSS--Army for use by tactical end users.
AESIP integrates data by linking business processes and data across existing information technology systems.
In order to incorporate data analytics into the sustainment warfight-ing function, the CAO must work with the key stakeholders, data analysts, and the AESIP project manager to ensure the data collected and archived by AESIP is relevant and readily accessible.
InfoSphere is the LOGSA tool used by the Enterprise Data Management Office (EDMO) to compare unit data to business rules established by LOGSA, the Combined Arms Support Command, Program Management Office AESIP, arid others.
This process, currently under development by AESIP, will allow users to communicate directly with AESIP for nonstandard, noncataloged items and is most advantageous for logistics system users that are not GCSS--Army users.