AESOAlberta Electric System Operator
AESOAcrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil
AESOAuxiliary Extended Security Option (Cisco)
AESOAdvanced Engineering Supplemental Order
AESOArmy Experimentation Site Officer (US Army)
AESOAircraft Environmental Support Office (US EPA)
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Alberta is leading the way across North America to inject competitive pressures into the transmission system and to see so many world-class companies from across the globe looking to invest in Alberta is a testament to the success of the competition to date," said David Erickson, AESO President and CEO.
The AESO was mandated by the Government of Alberta to develop a Competitive Process and have it approved by the provincial electricity regulator, the Alberta Utilities Commission.
AESO and [COMG/MA] were compolymerized with styrene and/or the AFAME, and mixed with t-butyl perbenzoate (1.
This transmission line, which will increase the capacity of the electricity system and address increasing growth in northeastern Alberta, is designed to satisfy objectives identified in the AESO Long-term Transmission System Plan.
The AESO expects that a winning proponent will be named by the end of 2014.
It is obvious that with more MA modification, both flexural and tensile properties increase with increasing the molar ratio of MA to AESO.
It is expected that following this phase of the competitive process, a winning proponent will be named by the AESO.
subsidiary Transource Energy LLC pending approval from the AESO.
To develop a Competitive Process and to have that process sanctioned by the provincial electricity regulator, the Alberta Utilities Commission, the Government of Alberta instructed AESO.
Monitor Market Outlook - The AESO should continue to monitor the outlook for resource adequacy over time based on a recommended set of indicators.
This contract is in addition to an existing contract between CESCP and AESO for 125 megawatts of ancillary services from the Calgary Energy Centre, which was awarded through a Location- Based Credit Standing Offer in March 2001.
After a thorough evaluation of proposed solutions, the AESO chose Siemens as its partner to address the AESO and its key stakeholders' stated needs for improved data validation and compliance monitoring to support Alberta's deregulated electricity market.