AESOAlberta Electric System Operator
AESOAcrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil
AESOAuxiliary Extended Security Option (Cisco)
AESOAdvanced Engineering Supplemental Order
AESOArmy Experimentation Site Officer (US Army)
AESOAircraft Environmental Support Office (US EPA)
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The physical and thermal properties of the crosslinked networks obtained from the blend of AESO and polyester urethane acrylate showed that with an increase in AESO content, tensile strength increased from 1.
La aplicacion de la norma AESO posibilita la gestion simultanea del nivel y de las perdidas sin necesidad de recurrir a un algoritmo de dos pasos.
AESO and [COMG/MA] were compolymerized with styrene and/or the AFAME, and mixed with t-butyl perbenzoate (1.
Some examples include the AESO award program, committee listings, historic landmarks and PEI.
Three different ratios of MA to AESO (Table 1) were examined to understand their effect on the polymer properties.
This program is built on the recommendations from the AESO, who studied jurisdictions around the world to come up with the best possible program design in the interests of Albertans?
Government is now working with AESO on detailed program design and remains on target to release details of the program in the coming months.
Erickson said the renewable energy procurement process must generally follow the suggestions of the government-commissioned climate helm report tabled last November, but that the AESO is still improving details on the issue after hearing from around 140 stakeholder groups.
Suncor, which is Canadas largest oil sands mining firm has placed in applications for 240MW of PV projects to provincial electric system operator, AESO.
The AESO determined that the approved 1009L transmission line was no longer necessary for the connection of the Wild Rose 1 and Wild Rose 2 wind projects to the Alberta electric system.
Earlier today, the AESO announced its selection of a short-list of companies, identifying that TAMA Transmission will participate in the next stage of its competitive process for the Project.
To develop a Competitive Process and to have that process sanctioned by the provincial electricity regulator, the Alberta Utilities Commission, the Government of Alberta instructed AESO.