AETATAetatis (Latin: Aged)
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This time it was, all other things equal, to be "a woman who had suffered," and to this end, I had, before starting out once more, changed my age back again at the inn and written "Aetat. 30" after my name in the visitors' book.
(15) In fact, "AEtat. suae 58" proves an oblique reference to the age of the text's true author, Swift himself.
The bulk of the allocated budget for Aetat (the PES agency)--amounting to around 1.2 per cent of GDP in 2001--is used to finance unemployment benefits and vocational rehabilitation schemes (almost 70 per cent of the total allocated budget).
There has been an increase in unemployment in all professions but particularly in building and construction according to the Norwegian labour market administration Aetat.
For the public employment service (Aetat), performance measures have also been introduced but have no direct influence on the budget.
Arena is a core system for case handling in Aetat, the Norwegian Directorate of Labour.
According to figures from the Norwegian labour market administration Aetat, there were 87,000 persons totally without a job at the end of May, which is 3.7% of the labour force.
The agreements were signed with the existing customers Sykehuset Innland HF, Nycomed Pharma and TV 2, and the new customers Helse Vest RHF, Statens Innkrevingssentral, Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Aetat and Rieber & Son, Inmeta said.
The Norwegian Labour Market Administration (Aetat) has revealed that unemployment in Norway worsened during January.
The Norwegian labour market administration Aetat said earlier this week that Norway's jobless rate had increased throughout 2002 and that the yearly average number of unemployed was 20% higher than in the year before.
JMS-gruppen Norge AS has received a contract for printing services from Aetat Arbeidsdirektoratet (the Norwegian labour directorate).
A total of 79,943 people in Norway were registered as unemployed in July, according to figures from the national labour office, Aetat. The rate of unemployment was 3.1% in June and 2.8% in July 2001.