AETFArmy Evaluation Task Force
AETFAll-England Theatre Festival (UK)
AETFAustralasian Emissions Trading Forum (est. 1998; now Asia-Pacific Emissions Trading Forum)
AETFair and space expeditionary task force (US DoD)
AETFAll Europe Taekwondo Federation (Lublin, Poland)
AETFAzimuth Error Test Feature
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The gathered measures form five nodes Node's Success ACTS AETF STC FTC Suggested Name Ratio Cost Node1 89% 41 min 63 min 7.
Soldiers at the AETF have already conducted testing on FCS equipment while acting as a heavy brigade combat team.
The ability of an AETF, Air Expeditionary Wing, or Expeditionary Operations Group commander to assume control authority of otherwise independent or isolated forces is fundamental to the concept of distributed control.
The AETF mission of testing and evaluation is vital in determining where Soldiers want to go with the FCS equipment, Hardy said.
Once the AETF has completed its evaluation, these technologies will become available for fielding to deployed forces.
The AETF commander is naturally positioned to harmonize C2 within Afghanistan because of the commander's proximity to the fight.
4, 2008 the JTRS Handheld, Manpack, Small Form Fit team set-up an operations cell and delivered 29 engineering development model Rifleman Radios to the AETF at Fort Bliss in preparation for the program-led user assessment of the Rifleman Radio.
The practical results of this merger of operational and tactical Airmen under the same AETF roof have been overwhelmingly positive.
Serving multiple roles simultaneously and AETF activation should be considered a part of the Air Force's tool kit for C2 in future operations, but we should not blindly turn away from more than 50 years of airpower C2 based upon our experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.
This order represents an important moment because it alters the 20-year-old model of how COMUSAFCENT, in his role as the 9 AETF commander, presents forces to the supported joint force commander (JFC)--in this case, the commander of US Forces-Afghanistan (COMUSFOR-A).
12) If the combatant commander decides to attach forces, such as an air and space expeditionary task force (AETF), to a JTF, then the AETF commander would be designated as the COMAFFOR for those assigned forces and could be designated as the JFACC (fig.
An added chapter on joint organization, paralleling the discussion of Air Force organization, explains how the AETF plugs into a joint force and offers other nuggets regarding air and space power within such a force.