AETGAutomatic Efficient Test Generator (software reliability)
AETGAtlantic Express Transportation Group, Inc. (private bus service; New Jersey)
AETGAcidifying Emissions Task Group (Environment Canada)
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(2) Different test case selection criteria: AETG selects an element from candidates as the next test case such that it covers the largest number of value combinations at a given strength, while FSCS-CID chooses the next test case according to its used similarity measure.
(3) Different goals achieved: AETG aims at covering all possible value combinations of a given strength with fewer test cases, which means that the unique stopping condition of AETG is that all value combinations of a given strength are covered by generated test cases, while FSCS-CID is an adaptive strategy, which means that the stopping condition of FSCS-CID is not limited to covering all value combinations of a give strength, for example, detecting a first failure in the SUT.
Salim Ameen, AETG's visa and recruitment officer, rejected the allegations, adding that some of the teachers were brought to the Kingdom on temporary work permits and visas by their own choice, and that they were informed that their contract states that teachers could bring their families but the company is not committed to arranging this.
Meanwhile, another Western teacher recruited by AETG said she is stranded in her accommodation waiting to return home.