AETLAdvancing Excellence in Technological Literacy (International Technology Education Association)
AETLAdvanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. (biotechnology; India)
AETLApproved Engineering Test Laboratories
AETLAtypical Endocrine Tumor of the Lung
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The two values from AETL 11, which is in the Taupo Ignimbrite, appear to have a mixed isotopic signature, which could be accounted for by the watertable dynamics as discussed in relation to the N[O.
In addition, to investigate the spatial variability in the unsaturated fluxes, the Cl and urine tracer was further amended with (bromide, Br) and only applied directly above the AETLs.
Leachate was continuously collected in the AETLs for 497 days after the tracer application.
3]-N concentrations in AETLs were corrected for background concentrations from rainfall deposition of Cl and the assumed net soil mineralisation and subsequent nitrification, respectively.
3] collected in the leachate by the AETLs through the vadose zone and in the upper groundwater zone were determined with the microbial methods of Sigman et al.
To assist with comparing the dynamics of the BTC from different AETLs, the drainage to the centroid, [[bar.
3]-N contributed to the total-N peak concentration, except for the AETLs at 0.