AETLAdvancing Excellence in Technological Literacy (International Technology Education Association)
AETLAdvanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. (biotechnology; India)
AETLApproved Engineering Test Laboratories
AETLAtypical Endocrine Tumor of the Lung
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The calculation of the drainage per unit area (mm) (contributing area) from the volume (L) of leachate measured by an AETL assumes that the surface area ([m.
The equivalent contributing area is then determined, for each AETL, from Eqn 2:
Deviations from this number could be caused by an insufficient number of samples, sampling locations that are not representative of the total variability, systematic bias caused by Cl adsorption, and/or AETL measurement errors.
AETL contains three separate but interrelated sets of standards: student assessment standards, professional development standards, and program standards.
Readers should consult AETL and STL for more comprehensive treatments.
Chapter 3 of AETL contains the five student assessment standards.
One state supervisor reported that his or her state has adopted AETL "as is," four have placed it into their state standards, and six conducted workshops using AETL.
P189--Realizing Excellence: Structuring Technology Programs Realizing Excellence is considered the "umbrella" addendum to all the other STL/AETL addenda and is intended to help educators implement the program standards in Chapter 5 of AETL.
It is intended to help users implement the professional development standards in Chapter 4 of AETL by addressing professional development at both the preservice and in-service levels, including the need for teacher candidates and teachers to become responsible for their own professional growth.
It is intended to help users implement the student assessment standards in Chapter 3 of AETL.
This goal was linked to AETL PD-3A, "Design and evaluate curricula and programs that enable all students to attain technological literacy" and PD-7F, "Provide in-service activities to enhance teacher understanding of technological content, instruction, and assessment" (ITEA/ ITEEA, 2003).
Table 1 AETL Professional Development Standards PD-1 : Provide teachers with knowledge, abilities, and understanding consistent with Standards for Technological Literacy: Content for the Study of Technology (STL) (ITEA/ITEEA, 2000/2002/2007).