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In effect, the Icelandic paradigm of regular verbs is organised around stem verb classes, with systematic variations among them, which is not the case at all for German: note the -a- to the right of the hyphen in the paradigm of aetla in (23b) (which is turned into -u- in the Past plural) and also the specification [stem v.] denoting that very segment in (25).
More specifically, the large majority of Icelandic verbs are inflected either like aetla ('to plan, intend') in (23b) above and repeated here below in (26), or like heyra ('to hear')?illustrated in (27).
Similar names (Eadwine, Eadweard, Eadmund, Eadgar, Eadred, and Eadhild) are attested among members of the West Saxon royal family during this period.(70) To judge from both onomastics and geography, these are "our" people as opposed to the foreign AEtlas and Caelics, the exotic Glommas and Woingas and Hundingas (Dogmen, or Cynocephali, apparently) that figure elsewhere in the poem.