AETREuropean Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport
AETRAverage Effective Tax Rate
AETRAccord Européen sur les Transports Routiers (French: European Agreement on Road Transport; EU)
AETRAdvanced Epithermal Thorium Reactor
AETRAdvanced Engineering Test Reactor
AETRAmericans for Educational Testing Reform
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x] Maximum AETR on labor income x given y = 0 [min.
18) We choose $5 rather than $0 to provided additional assurance that small income values are not driving large AETRs.
11) AETR, Toronto Fonds, Series 6-05, Box 20, File 5.
58) AO, F 4607-1-0-109; F 4607-1-0-91; F 4607-1-0-123; F 4607-1-0-90; AETR, Edmonton-Toronto Fonds, Series 6-03, Box 5, File 6.
Neste estudo foram utilizados os dados obtidos pelos indices AETR (Figura 1A) e IHG (Figura 1B), os quais apresentaram os menores coeficientes de variacao para o ciclo total e um dos menores para a fase de florescimento e fruto verde cana.
Nao obstante, referida diferenca de valores do indice AETR entre este trabalho e aquele citado por Pezzopane et al.
These AETRs exclude the impact of child-care costs, which can push up effective AETRs significantly--particularly for second income earners, as discussed in more detail below.
Large companies using a co-ordination centre (80) benefit from a reduced AETR if it is financed by new equity or by retained earnings.
Table 18 AETR for various locations of an investment investment made by a parent located in a country using art exemption system (1) Per cent Country of the subsidiary Belgium Germany Spain France New equity 34.
Payne said that, in those two countries, mining was also financially and politically risky, but a lower AETR countered the impact of such risks.
It also means that the Philippines will be uncompetitive with mining in Australia and Canada, where the financial and political risk is much less than in the Philippines and the AETR lower," Payne added.
Models 1 and 2 utilize KETR as the relevant tax rate on capital, whereas models 3-5 use the AETR, METR, and statutory tax rates of Devereux et al.