AETREuropean Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport
AETRAverage Effective Tax Rate
AETRAccord Européen sur les Transports Routiers (French: European Agreement on Road Transport; EU)
AETRAdvanced Epithermal Thorium Reactor
AETRAdvanced Engineering Test Reactor
AETRAmericans for Educational Testing Reform
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Recidoro adds that the final version of the proposed bill (HB8400) will give an AETR of 78.10 percent, resulting in an even more expensive tax structure compared to other countries.
* at the applicable rate or rates (it is not a component of the estimated AETR).
Participants of the session discussed updated proposals for amending Articles 14 and 22 bis of the AETR, the application of Regulation (EC) No.
(18) We choose $5 rather than $0 to provided additional assurance that small income values are not driving large AETRs.
The proposed 71 percent AETR is onerous, it said, referring to a new revenue-sharing scheme backed by the Palace.
(9) AETR, Edmonton-Toronto Fonds, Series 6-03, Box 4, Personnel File 2.
Para o periodo entre o florescimento pleno e a fase de fruto verde cana, o indice que apresentou a menor variabilidade foi o acumulo da evapotranspiracao de referencia (AETR), seguido dos indices heliotermico de Geslin (IHG), acumulo da radiacao fotossinteticamente ativa (ARFA) e termico (IT), conforme apresentado na Tabela 1.
Until 1996, the AETR (based on the Devreaux and Griffith, 1998a, methodology and assuming a closed economy framework (79) on SME investments financed by new equity was higher than on investments financed by retained earnings, which in turn was higher than on debt-financed investments (Figure 22).
Average effective tax rate (AETR) = (discounted total tax take of government over project life)(discounted pre-tax project cash flows starting from development period of a project), the Philippines' MPSA (88 percent) and FTAA (73.4 percent) tax structures are more expensive than comparable countries: Canada 73 percent, Australia-QLD 70 percent, South Africa 63 percent.
Any legal or natural person, including an individual entrepreneur, may participate in the competitive procurement procedure, regardless of the legal form, location and place of origin of capital, which meets the requirements set by the Customer in the procurement documentation in accordance with the Provision on the Procedure for Procurement goods (works, services) at the expense of own funds of JSC Vitebsk Meat-Packing Plant, with the exception of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs included in the AETR providers (contractors, performers), are temporarily not allowed to procurement in the order established by part three of paragraph 2.5.
Ryan Corbean, IT Manager for AeTR, said the new portal gives 24-hour real-time access to new features as well as the ability to review work order status and estimated completion dates, download condition reports, 8130s, invoices and payable status.