AETSAssociation for the Education of Teachers in Science
AETSAustralian Emissions Trading Scheme (environmental initiative)
AETSAdult Education and Training Survey (Canada)
AETSAboriginal Education and Training Strategy (Australia and Canada)
AETSAirborne Electronic Threat Simulator
AETSAmerican Expert Training Systems (Tulsa, OK)
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Raytheon leveraged expertise in sensors and systems design to develop and deliver the world's first AETS on the 407 Express Toll Route in Toronto, Canada, in 1997.
Since the program began as a pilot in 2010, AETS has graduated 22 of the 77 graduates in Canada, with more expected this April coming out of a class at Lac des Iles, north of Thunder Bay.
The use of the WES data has an advantage over the AETS data on which a large part of the existing Canadian literature is based.
Ethnic categories are limited and incomplete in the AETS, but we were able to identify categories such as Blacks, which we use for illustrative purposes here.
SITE proposes sponsoring an annual fellowship to recognize an exemplary paper presented in the technology strand at the annual meetings of AETS, AMTE, GEE, and CUFA.