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AEUAustralian Education Union
AEUAmerican Ethical Union
AEUAssociation Européenne des Universités (French: European Association of Universities; est. 2001)
AEUAssociation d'Entraide Universitaire (French: University Service Association)
AEUAdvanced European Union (gaming)
AEUAsociación Española de Urología (Spanish Urology Association)
AEUAmalgamated Engineering Union (UK)
AEUAssessment and Evaluation Unit (UK)
AEUAsociación de Estudiantes Universitarios (Association of University Students, Guatemala)
AEUAsia e-University (Malaysia)
AEUAustralian Emission Units (Australia)
AEUAssign Essential User Bypass (US DoD)
AEUAffected End User
AEUAnalog Electronics Unit
AEUAirborne Electronics Unit
AEUAntenna Electronic(s) Unit
AEUAlpha Epsilon Upsilon
AEUAssociation Employees Union
AEUAccrued Expenditure Unpaid
AEUAeromedical Evacuation Unit
AEUAuxiliary Electronics Unit
AEUAppropriate Economic Unit (for measuring gain or loss; US tax code)
AEUAvionics Equipment Unit
AEUAnalytical Equivalency Unit
AEUAccrued Expenses Unpaid
AEUAccounts Expense Unpaid
AEUApplication Extension Unit
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* Napping the relationships among the risks, relevant risk drivers and AEU's strategic objectives
Although they are not all necessary, the following factors receive the greatest weight in determining whether activities are an AEU:
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To that end, she uses the ERM system to propose a new action to negotiate a substantial increase in the PPAs--one large enough to meet the minimum capacity reserves without having to increase AEU's production capacity.
Per capita GDP in most regions of Central European candidate countries was below 50% of the AEU average in 1998, according to the latest figures* from Eurostat, the AEU Statistical Office.
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