AEUAustralian Education Union
AEUAmerican Ethical Union
AEUAssociation Européenne des Universités (French: European Association of Universities; est. 2001)
AEUAssociation d'Entraide Universitaire (French: University Service Association)
AEUAdvanced European Union (gaming)
AEUAsociación Española de Urología (Spanish Urology Association)
AEUAmalgamated Engineering Union (UK)
AEUAssessment and Evaluation Unit (UK)
AEUAsociación de Estudiantes Universitarios (Association of University Students, Guatemala)
AEUAsia e-University (Malaysia)
AEUAustralian Emission Units (Australia)
AEUAssign Essential User Bypass (US DoD)
AEUAffected End User
AEUAnalog Electronics Unit
AEUAirborne Electronics Unit
AEUAntenna Electronic(s) Unit
AEUAlpha Epsilon Upsilon
AEUAssociation Employees Union
AEUAeromedical Evacuation Unit
AEUAuxiliary Electronics Unit
AEUAccrued Expenditure Unpaid
AEUAvionics Equipment Unit
AEUAppropriate Economic Unit (for measuring gain or loss; US tax code)
AEUAnalytical Equivalency Unit
AEUAccrued Expenses Unpaid
AEUAccounts Expense Unpaid
AEUApplication Extension Unit
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The court ordered AEU and Black Wolf removed and barred from serving as fiduciaries or service providers to the individual employer plans that participate in the AEU Holdings LLC Employee Benefit Plan, a Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) established by the defendants.
AEU and AEM's attractive positions in each of these respective plays and their complementary nature will allow AEA to maximise returns by realizing administrative and operational efficiencies and combining downstream marketing efforts and opportunities, it said.
Regency and AEU will contribute all previously signed agreements to the joint venture.
Upon conversion, holders of the notes will receive a number of shares equal to the greater of USD 750m divided by a conversion price equal to an agreed discount to the public offering price and 15% of the equity value of AEU at the time of the public offering, in each case subject to certain adjustments.
Mr Barclay was employed as a senior teacher and was a delegate of the AEU at BRIT.
Hutchin, Superintendent of EZ's Industrial Department, argued that the engineers had broken the uniform conditions at the Works and introduced discontent by being able to work fewer hours for more pay and contended that AEU wages and hours should be determined by local EZ conditions rather than engineering conditions throughout Australia.
AEU chairman added that the talk had also been an occasion to review the Union's interventions for several Arab countries' benefit and the projects it intends to carry out to meet these countries' engineering needs.
The divisions became final in 1988 when the TUC expelled the EETPU over one-union deals, and it was to be four years before the union returned to the fold, after Hammond's retirement and a merger with the engineers in the AEU.
They updated and prioritized their list of the top risks facing AEU and designed strategies to mitigate those risks that would be integrated into the annual strategic plan.
After leaving school he was apprenticed as a machine tool fitter in AC Delco of Kirkby and was appointed a shop steward in the AEU.
469-4(c)), one or more trade or business activities or rental activities might be treated as a single activity, if the activities constitute an AEU for measuring gain or loss under Sec.
Jimmy Gray of the AEU in Inverness told them it discriminated against a vulnerable community.