AEUAustralian Education Union
AEUAmerican Ethical Union
AEUAsociación Española de Urología (Spanish Urology Association)
AEUAmalgamated Engineering Union (UK)
AEUAsociación de Estudiantes Universitarios (Association of University Students, Guatemala)
AeUAsia e-University (Malaysia)
AEUAustralian Emission Units (Australia)
AEUAnalog Electronics Unit
AEUAirborne Electronics Unit
AEUassign essential user bypass (US DoD)
AEUAntenna Electronic(s) Unit
AEUAlpha Epsilon Upsilon
AEUAssociation Employees Union
AEUAccrued Expenditure Unpaid
AEUAeromedical Evacuation Unit
AEUAuxiliary Electronics Unit
AEUAppropriate Economic Unit (for measuring gain or loss; US tax code)
AEUAvionics Equipment Unit
AEUAccrued Expenses Unpaid
AEUAnalytical Equivalency Unit
AEUAccounts Expense Unpaid
AEUApplication Extension Unit
AEUAssociation d'Entraide Universitaire (French: University Service Association)
AEUAssessment and Evaluation Unit (UK)
AEUAssociation Européenne des Universités (French: European Association of Universities; est. 2001)
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Regency and AEU will contribute all previously signed agreements to the joint venture.
McGowan is excited that his new role with the AEU means more outreach to the public with many of these concepts.
It then considers the development and implementation of the union's affirmative action policy up to the amalgamation of the VSTA into the Victorian branch of the AEU.
Mr Barclay was employed as a senior teacher and was a delegate of the AEU at BRIT.
Paul, Keighley, West Yorkshire AEU law says you can insist your franchised dealer fits parts from bona fide supplies that are bought cheaper elsewhere - and this won't void your warranty.
An AEU officer at the time of the book's publication, he reports favourably on the status of teacher unions in education, stating that school teachers are highly unionised and committed to union membership in both public and private sectors of school education (p.
In 1962, and just one day after a pounds 75,000 shareout from founder Ernest Brook's will to 140 employees, members of the AEU at the firm's Honley works were picketing at the gates.
AEU leaders are in a hole and stopping digging is not an option: they promised to bail out Greece, and they must follow through, in the faint hope that it's not too late to show that the eurozone pulling together can get the euro back on its feet.
Family Planning, the AEU and other groups including Parents and Friends and Relationships Australia will voice for sex and relationship education to be part of the school curriculum in March.
Two documents on the appropriate unions' response to the GFC were circulated at the Congress: Unions NSW, Hand in Hand: A Plan to Help Union Members Survive the Recession and, A Union Response to the GFC: Building Job Security and Social Justice, published by the AEU, AMWU, CFMEU and LHMU.
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