AEUBAlberta Energy and Utilities Board
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Oil sands development proposals are reviewed by AEUB, Alberta Environment, and the Alberta Sustainable Resource Development at the provincial level.
23 Philip Coutu, representing the Metis Nation of Alberta at the AEUB hearing, said research shows 35 people have been interred at the Rossdale site since the early 19th century.
They also put up a banner derogatory to Epcor at the AEUB hearing on the first day; but removed it at the request of the city.
Goodstriker also wants funding for the First Peoples First Settlers group at the AEUB heating.
"So the AEUB is essentially practising a form of apartheid, saying `we cannot talk about past burial site issues and we cannot talk about historic land title, and we cannot fund you,' whereas everybody else gets funded and everybody else gets to talk about whatever they want."
He said he realizes the city "needs to have some sort of response or some cohesive statement by the Aboriginal community," but "they are going to have to wait." Any additional information made public, such as at the AEUB hearing, will help move the process along, he said.
Funny, we don't recall seeing anything in the initial AEUB documents about such fundamental legal rights as the right to counsel.
As we studied the proposal in more depth and gathered information from other sources, we started to learn about AEUB Guidelines, AEUB Interim Directives, AEUB Requirements, energy company Emergency Response Plans, Workplace Health and Safety, Alberta Environmental Protection Guidelines, Alberta Environmental Protection Regulations, Alberta Resources Branch, Alternative Dispute Resolution programs (ADR), land men, directional drilling, surface rights and mineral rights.
With this understanding, we now had a clear focus around which to organize our research and presentations to the AEUB, the land service company, and the energy company.
We received assurances from the energy company that the well would not go into operation if sour gas (at no time did any AEUB or energy official use the term poison gas) was encountered.
In March 2000, the AEUB approved the concurrent applications by Shell Canada Ltd.
From the submissions of the applicants, local residents and conservation groups, the AEUB concluded that the development plan would have an impact on a region containing "...