AEVEAsia Europe Young Volunteer Exchange
AEVEAverage Event-Related Vector Electro-Encephalogram (cardiology)
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However, much of this research has focused on AEVE. The needs of other students who speak non-standard English varieties, in particular Canadian Aboriginal students, have not been adequately represented in the extant research.
For example, in her study on the use of AAVE as a resource in the classroom, Lee (2004) describes an apprenticeship into literary response in a high school serving African-American students who are speakers of AEVE. Although AEVE has been long viewed as a detriment, Lee's research focused on how students' language resources supported learning.
In November 2000, GSK AEVE stopped meeting the orders of the Greek wholesalers who buy the medicines in question for distribution in Greece and export to other member states.
In the meantime, the wholesalers brought an action claiming that the sales policy of GSK AEVE breached both Greek and Community competition law.
GlaxoSmithKline AEVE, the ECJ confirmed that the concern is not with effects on consumer welfare.