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AEWAirborne Early Warning
AEWAir Expeditionary Wing
AEWAfrican Easterly Wave
AEWAirborne Electronic Warfare
AEWAttractive Eighties Women (band)
AEWAgr' Eau' Wat (Canadian agricultural consultant)
AEWAssociation of Electrical Wholesalers (Ireland)
AEWArmy Electronic Warfare
AEWAmckerns Explosion Wars (Half Life community)
AEWAsset Evaluation Worksheet
AEWAdvanced Engineering West (Ontario, CA)
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AEW denied the design of the steps and terraces on the outside of the building were "unworkable/unbuildable" or that it added features without NML's approval.
In 1999 the company combined with Norwich-based AEW Engineering and Thume Engineering to form AEW Delford Systems which, in 2006, became a member of Marel Food Systems.
Carrier-based AEW was developed at a time of great military austerity just after WW II, and there weren't enough officers either available or interested in the program.
We are excited about the investment as we believe the center will continue to benefit from the nearby Arizona State University campus, as well as State Farm's move of approximately 7,000 professionals to a property that is adjacent to Tempe Marketplace," said Dan Bradley, Senior Portfolio Manager for AEW Core Property Trust.
AEW was an early investor in the sector with its first seniors housing investment in 1997.
Lawyers for the museum board complained that "a log jam" was developing due to a delay by AEW in exchanging witness statements.
But, according to a museum source, AEW had to carry out more work than was in the original contract because NML directors kept changing the plans.
Whether a single machine or an advanced, sophisticated line with integrated management information, AEW Delford End of Line systems ensure excellent standards of presentation, accuracy, timing and control.
At the same time, AEW and its client, CalPERS, have done very well with this investment and are encouraged to do more within the industry.
AEW Delford Systems offers one of the widest ranges of machines and systems to help processors achieve production objectives.
The primary benefit is that AEW deals constantly with the foreign trade corporations and thus has little concern if the end user is someone with whom AEW has not done business previously.
in Lakeland, Florida, the project is owned by a joint venture between Ridge Development and AEW Capital Management.