AEWCAlaska Eskimo Whaling Commission
AEWCAdvanced Engineered Wood Composites Center (University of Maine)
AEWCAlternative Education and Work Center
AEWCAirborne Early Warning & Control
AEWCArmenian Evangelical World Council (religious leaders' union)
AEWCAustralian Electronic Water Conditioners Pty. Ltd.
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The delivery of other AEWC planes Pakistan is acquiring from Sweden has already started, he said.
One of the explicit purposes of the AEWC is "to protect and enhance Eskimo culture, traditions and activities associated with bowhead whales and bowhead whaling.
The high-end advocates prevailed in the defense spending debate in the National Security Committee despite tactical reversals over AEWC by the end of 2000.
edu) and Professor of Wood Science and Associate Director, AEWC Center (shaler@maine.
This review allowed for correction of errors, addition of material that had subsequently occurred to participants, and the deletion of information incidental to the study results that the participants, the tribal councils, or the AEWC felt might be harmful to their interests.
of Civil and Environmental Engineering and AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center, Univ.
The subsequent organization of the AEWC included the incorporation of scientific research, largely at the encouragement of Harry Brower and despite initial skepticism on the part of some whalers.
The agreement also includes future up-grades as well as new developments in the AEWC area.
of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center (rodrigo.
Zhang, Xuelian, AEWC BLDG R225, Orono, ME 04469; M.
Sponsored by the AEWC Center of the University of Maine.
of Maine, 5793 AEWC Building, Orono, ME 04469-5793; and Former Graduate Research Assistant, Civil and Env.