AEWEArmy Expeditionary Warrior Experiments
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The Marine Corps and Army AEWE programs, by contrast, are the most welcoming of bottom-up innovations, with processes designed to accept an unheralded prototype or concept from a nontraditional source, to give it a military demonstration, and to provide a pathway for it to affect military capabilities.
One example scenario where Soldiers used MFLTS with good effect during AEWE was engagement with a non-English speaking truck driver who had information concerning the unit's area of operations.
Soldiers operating UAS during AEWE have identified the need to have both active flight control (they physically fly the UA) and waypoint movement control (they pre-program the route) methods of employment and the ability to shift between them at will without losing capability during the transition.
BQ 12-2, marked the first-ever integration of this joint/coalition assessment process with the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE).
Associated Press writer Charles Babington wrote that a TV station in South Dakota obriefly aired an ad that was edited to show Obama saying aeWe are no longer a Christian nation, we are also a Muslim nation.AE It omitted his saying, in the same speech, that the United States is not solely a Christian nation.
In the "Handbook," clerical marriage and sexual intercourse is dealt with in multiple clauses, the first of which simply states: "Gyf mmssepreost odde munuc haemedpingc drihd odde aewe brycd, faeste x gear, and reowsige aefre, diacon vii, cleric vi, laewede man v, swa be manslihte" [If a mass-priest or a monk takes part in sexual intercourse, or breaks a lawful marriage, fast ten years and repent forever; deacon seven; cleric six; layman five, just as for manslaughter].
oThe staff were saying aewe all thought you might be the real Dawn FrenchAE and I was thinking aejust let me get on this bed and have my babyAE.o But sharing the same name as the famous comedienne has also had its perks for the supervising social worker.
Aewe with ketosis lags behind the flock, shows labored breathing, staggers, and finally becomes paralyzed.
Occasionally the substitution could be caused by phonological factors, like attrition, as in the case of OE ae 'law', a modest residue of the earlier more substantial form OE aewe. The poor phonological structure of the noun only consisting of a single vowel may have determined its replacement by the Scandinavian borrowing lagu 'law' in Middle English.
So, for instance, ae 1.1 ~in an anomalous gloss: glossing saepius "more frequently"; presumably a misreading of the Latin as saep(e) "frequently" and jus "law, justice" which are thus glossed as two words, oft aewe'.
aeWe aimed to deliver and we walked onto the pitch with a winning attitude.
Two of the recurring robotic events are the Army Expeditionary Warfare Experiment (AEWE) and the Robotics Rodeo.