AEWSAccident Emergency Warning System (Danube River Basin transboundary water pollution alert; est. 1997)
AEWSAirborne Early Warning System
AEWSAtmospheric Early Warning System
AEWSAdvanced Early Warning System
AEWSAlaska Eskimo Whaling System
AEWSAdvanced Electronic Warfare System
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AbTech's stormwater engineering subsidiary, AEWS Engineering, has teamed with Corvias Solutions to provide engineering and design services to support the Prince George's County and Corvias stormwater partnership.
Recognizing the synergies between Abtech, AEWS and Corvias Solutions, the companies have structured a master framework to pursue similar stormwater infrastructure opportunities nationally, with a focus on Northeastern municipalities.
Commenting on the developments, Bjornulf White, Abtech's Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, said, "We believe the combination of Corvias, AbTech and AEWS Engineering present a powerhouse team to execute large scale stormwater infrastructure projects that are being developed throughout the country.