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AF1Air Force One
AF1Activation Function 1
AF1Accessory Factor 1 (molecular biology)
AF1Aircraft Maintenanceman First Class (Naval rating)
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Increase in paw diameter was observed in ACV and AF1 treated animal during first hour after treatment which settle down within 4 hour post treatment.
(TSI) and Silicon Labs (SLAB), the Walnut, Calif.-based tech company developing the product, Blackloud, formally brought the SOUNDOT AF1 to market on Sept.
As a first step, we optimized the structure of the AF1 phase of pure KCu[F.sub.3] within the I4/mcm space group.
P 23.82 (a) [+ or -] 0.18 Dried GS -- AD 37.19 (b) [+ or -] 0.20 Apple skin fiber AF1 39.86 (c) [+ or -] 0.07 AF2 91.02 (d) [+ or -] 0.38 D[4, 3] [micro]m Semiliquid GS, 2% d.w.
In the following we will consider two cases: 0 < Af1 < e and [DELTA] [f.sub.1] [less than or equal to] 0.
In line with the 35th anniversary of the iconic Air Force 1, Reinoso said there are going to be new AF1 drops every Friday at the store.
"Melania taking off for Houston on stilettos," Comedian Chelsea Handler tweeted.
Three of them (Af1, Ce1, Ci2) presented a higher expression in antler mesenchyme of female reindeer, but the other two (Ae1, Af3) were the opposite.
In 2012, there was so much traveling that meetings would be held from AF1 or by phone in the motorcade.