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AF2Activation Function 2
AF2Arenafootball 2
AF2Aircraft Maintenanceman Second Class (Naval rating)
AF2Accessory Factor 2
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Past franchise buy-in fees have been $500,000, AF2 league officials said, but they declined to say how much that figure has increased.
A: The proposed AF2 will be used to provide essential inputs which will allow hospitals and PHUs to provide PBF services effectively, including medical equipment for hospitals ($3.
HAVOC has been involved with the af2 since 2007 and has a multi-year partnership as the official energy drink of arenafootball2.
The AF2 had 15 franchises in 2000,28 in 2001 and 40 are planned for 2002.
Fans of the af2 can watch the excitement of the league's 232 regular season games and 15 post season games live in the comfort of their own home via their broadband Internet connection.
With its eighth season now complete and with 30 member teams, AF2 serves brings Arena Football into small to midsize cities.
499 million classes 1A1, 1A2, 1A3, 2A1, 2A2, 2A3, 1-AP, 2-AP, AX, AF2 and AF3 senior certificates 'AAA';
Get the Complete Arena Experience and Play as Your Favorite AFL or af2 Team
More than 40 teams will be made available in Arena Football: Road to Glory and for the first time the user can play as their favorite AFL or af2 team.
The AF2 will focus on enabling member states to work with the Nile basin initiative (NBI) to build capacity to mainstream regional planning and coordination services provided by the NBI centers into their national and local planning and development processes.
com)-- Bentek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of products for the commercial and utility PV solar market announced today that it has received UL 1699B certification for its new, ground-mount, PV Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI) string combiner box, AF2.