AF3Academy Fantasia 3 (reality show; Thailand)
AF3Asian Formula 3 (auto racing)
AF3Aircraft Maintenanceman Third Class (Naval rating)
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"We're relying on the AF3 team to provide us with a picture of what the Air Force Reserve of the future is going to look like and what we are going to have to do today to meet the challenges of 2035 and beyond."
Highest TLC was recorded in animals which receive protein fraction AF3. On the other hand neutrophil and lymphocyte levels elevated significantly in all venom treated groups except ACV (F5,12 = 14.42; P <0.05 for neutrophils; F5,12 = 7.37; P = 0.002 for lymphocytes).
The AF3 phase, where the FM interactions in ab planes are turned into AF ones, presents a very small increase in energy, with [E.sub.AF3] - [E.sub.AF1]=12 meV/cell.
Gene Ae1, Af1, Af3 and Ce1 were detected to be associated with the proliferation of antler tip, cellular transport and ossification mechanism, but gene Ci2 provides instructions for producing a protein called sialin that is located mainly on the membranes of lysosomes, compartments in the cell that digest and recycle materials, and further research remains to done to find the relationship with the antler molecular machinery.
Case AF3 was chosen to evaluate the effect of secondary oxidation products, including carboxylic acids, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes and ketones, after peroxides have declined substantially from their peak value.
The electrodes were placed at 10-20 system locations, AF3, F7, F3, FC5, T7, P7, O1, O2, P8, T8, FC6, F4, F8, and AF4, as well as two reference electrodes located above the ears of the subject (i.e., either CMS and DRL or left/right mastoids).
(iii) Market price of LNG (AF3): this indicator reflects the change of the energy situation in global market of LNG.
This device has a wireless amplifier, and 14 wet saline electrodes, corresponding at the positions AF3, F7, F3, FC5, T7, P7, O1 , O2 , P8 , T8 , FC6 , F4 , F8 , and AF4 according to the international 10-20 system (see Figure 7).
Input and output variables used in the FLC design Fuzzy Variables Description Labels Input [r.sub.c] Negative high af1 Medium af3 Positive high af5 [r.sub.t] Negative high bf1 Medium bf3 Positive high bf5 [V.sub.c] Negative high cf1 Medium cf3 Positive high cf5 [V.sub.t] Negative high df1 Medium df3 Positive high df5 [[phi].sub.t] Negative high ef1 Medium ef3 Positive high ef5 [[phi].sub.t] Negative high ffl Medium ff3 Positive high ff5 Output [M.sub.z] Negative high nfl Medium nf3 Positive high nf5
Mitral valve disease is associated with structural changes in left atrium which leads to the development of AF3.