AF4QAligning Forces for Quality
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There is substantial variation in the history of public reporting efforts across the 14 AF4Q regions included in this study (Christianson et al.
Their surveys did not include screener interviews, which could have had a negative effect on response rates in the AF4Q survey.
Through the program, GB AF4Q works to improve health care in Greater Boston by engaging patients in their care, publicly reporting on the performance of physicians and hospitals, and implementing quality improvement techniques.
In 2008, the QI component of AF4Q was expanded to include hospital care (for all conditions, not just chronic illness).
Specifically, the Coalition's AF4Q initiative will initially center its work on reducing preventable emergency department visits and associated admissions.
AF4Q Gathering Evidence Report on Patient Experience of Care.
More than 35 Boston-area organizations, representing the breadth of the region's healthcare stakeholders, have committed to the Greater Boston AF4Q planning initiative, showing a groundswell of support for this opportunity.
In this case, among all AF4Q alliances, only Maine shows a significant increase in perceived leadership among all respondents combined.
Practices located in an AF4Q site were less likely to plan to become an ACO in the following 12 months than those from the national sample.
Finally, the AF4Q evaluation team conducted primary data collection to assess community-level PR activities in each of the 14 AF4Q communities (Christianson et al.
Substantial variation also exists in the differences between the approaches across the AF4Q communities.
htm) or 48 percent using the Council of American Survey Research Organizations method, with 7,337 respondents in the 14 AF4Q markets completing the survey.